How to withdraw funds?
You can withdraw your money in your personal account in the Withdraw Section.

Is there a minimum sum for withdrawal?
Yes, a minimum amount you can request for a withdrawal is 70% of your traded account in US Dollar.

How fast is my withdrawal processed?
Withdrawal requests are processed instantly. Other transactions are approved and paid within 48 business hours.

Who manages the funds?
Our team of investment experts manage all the funds.

Are there risks to lose money?
There are no risks in any investment programs. There are some simple ways that we help to reduce risks of losing your money. First, set a certain financial goal and deposit such sum of money that you can afford. Remember that our expert trading team is always ready to consult you in any questions.

How to check my account balance?
You can check your balance in your personal account any time you need.

May I make additional deposits?
Yes, but note that all the transactions are handled separately.

How is the interest calculated?
Your interest is calculated every business day based on the size of your deposit.

How fast are my deposits added to my account?
Your account is credited once payment is confirmed and it is from a few minutes.

What payment systems do you use?
We accept Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank deposit.

What is the process of investing?
To make investments you should register to create an account and then you can make your deposit. All the investments are made in your personal account after login.